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In the name of God

By detachment of higher college to three faculties in 1353, the faculty of Literature and Humanities began its activities. In 1394 with the approval of the Board of Trustees of the University and the Chancellor's approval, it broke down to three faculties of Literature and Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Political Sciences.


Faculty of Literature and Languages includes departments of:

Persian Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

Foreign Languages


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences includes departments of:



Islamic Sciences

Quran and Hadis Sciences



Faculty of Law and Political Sciences includes departments of:

Private law

Criminal Law and Criminology

International Law

Political Sciences

International Relations


Rank of Faculty Members in the Faculty of Literature and Languages :


Full Professor: 6 person                    Associate Professor: 11 ones

Assistant Professor: 20 ones                   Tutor: 2 ones